ACRONYM® was founded in 1994 by Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh as 
an independent design agency with a focus on the unification of style and technology 
in apparel. Acronym has been instrumental in the emergence of a new generation of 
technical apparel products and users. Projects such as the Analog MD Clone jacket 
(one of TIME magazine's 'Coolest Inventions of 2002') and collaborations with com-
panies including KHS Tactical Equipment Germany (equipment manufacturers for the 
German Special Forces), and W.L. Gore and Associates (the inventors of Gore-Tex) 
demonstrate Acronym's capability in both advanced styling and functionality. Early 
2002 saw the launch of the limited edition 'Acronym Kit-1' and with it, the launch of the 
Acronym house label. Acronym currently operates from Munich, Berlin, New York, Tokyo,
and Sumperk/ Czech Republic. 

ACRONYM® Timeline 

1994_ 'ACRONYM® GbR' Agency founded 
1995_ Start of design work with Burton Snowboards 
1999_ 'ACRONYM® GmbH' founded 
1999_ Research and Development begins for ACRONYM® Kit 001 
2002_ ACRONYM® Kit 001 launched in New York, Tokyo, and London 
2003_ First ACRONYM® winter collection ACR-FW-0304 
2005_ ACRONYM® Subnet-Mask launched 
2006_ First ACRONYM® summer collection ACR-SS-07 
2007_ ACRONYM® Production Atelier established in Czech Republic 
2007_ Start of design work with Sportswear Company (Stone Island Shadow) 
2009_Start of design work with Herno (Laminar Collection)
2011_Start of design work United Arrows (Disaeran Collection)

ACRONYM® Clients and Partners have included: 

Tilak (CZ) -Outerwear 
KHS Tactical Equipment Germany (DE) -Packs 
Arc'Teryx Mountain Equipment (CAN) -Day Packs 
Burton Snowboards (USA) -Outerwear, Day Packs 
iDiom (USA) -Outerwear, Day Packs 
Analog (USA) -Outerwear 
W.L. Gore and Associates (DE) -Concept Garment R&D 
Bagjack (DE) -Packs 
Massimo Osti (IT) -Apparel 
Recon | Subware (USA) -Apparel, Packs 
The Brain Technologies Corporation (USA) -User Interface, CI 
Sportswear Company (IT) -Apparel, Accessories 
Herno (IT) -Apparel
United Arrows (Japan) -Apparel, Accessories

Zuccalistr. 1 
80639 Munich 
Vat#: DE204232709 

ACRONYM® Sachenbacher & Hugh GbR 
Zuccalistr. 1 
80639 Munich 
Vat#: DE176884764